Be Broken...Together (part 1)

During August 2015, there was a data breach of a company called Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a website seemingly dedicated to encouraging extra-marital affairs. This has sparked a public outrage regarding the surprising names that have been found on that list, the most notably being Josh Duggar. Nearly everyday I hear of and work with broken individuals and broken families because of extra-marital affairs, pornography, lying or countless other ways that men and women are unfaithful to each other. It is not uncommon to hear of couples who have been married for years, have children, and even have a successful career, however, still feel like they are alone.


A sad reality for many is that when things are difficult at home, they often feel all alone with no one they can turn to talk to. Shallow friendships in the community or poor family relationships often leave individuals feeling isolated, broken, and alone. While some may have no support, others choose not to talk to others about difficulties at home. I understand some have a reputation they want to keep in the community or among their friends. Still others feel they should keep their families problems at home and feel they have no one they can turn to for support. This is absolutely valid, and never should we go 'blab' to others about our problems. But there has to be a good balance to find others who will support us in our own growth. Our family should be our best support system, but rarely do we take advantage of that support because of shame, guilt or any other number of reasons. 


In today’s world of total chaos, we must have someone we can turn to when things get difficult. However, when we look around, we quickly realize no one person really has all the answers. We are left struggling…alone. Instead of putting on the mask of superficiality and pretending we have it all together, we should learn to be broken…together (especially in the context of our family). We should be able to turn towards our spouse, regardless of the issues we are facing and be a team, facing the obstacles…together.


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