Be Broken...Together (part 2)


Plastic has become a common piece of today's world. Everything seems to be made of this cheap material that often breaks easily. Everything is plastic...cups, toys, bottles, kitchen appliances, even most modern name it, it probably has plastic as a major component. Plastic is not just in the things we use everyday, but also part of the core of society in who we have become today. Masks.


We have a mask we wear at work, a mask we wear at church or any other social setting. We even have a mask we wear at home. We wear masks for a variety of reasons. Some wear masks because we don't like who we are, or sometimes because we do not really know who we are or how to act in certain situations. Masks often hide the scars of the life we have lived and experienced. Some scars are from what we have done to ourselves while other scars are because of what others have done to us. Either way, scars often bring a great sense of shame. Therefore, to make us feel better we put on our mask to cover our scars, our brokenness.


Why is so hard to be broken? Why is it that we do everything we can to hide our brokenness and shame with a plastic mask that will likely break anyway? My guess is because we don't not know how to act without the mask on. The longer you keep on the mask, the more difficult it is to take it off. We have no clue how to be a husband and wife, a parent and child, or even two friends who can share in each other's brokenness. 


So what can we do? Start by tearing off the plastic mask. Toss it aside and embrace our scars. Realize that the scars do not define us, but rather build us into a stronger person. Stronger people make stronger relationships, stronger marriages, and stronger families. Begin to be real with each other and learn to see these scars as something beautiful, yet painful. Talk to each other about what is going on behind the mask. Be real, be authentic. This will be scary and painful, but must be done. I dont know about you, but I am tired of wearing cheap, plastic masks. its time to replace the plastic with the beautiful scars we all have.