Preparing to Leave My Wife

Preparing to Leave My Wife .png

After many months and a lot of thought and prayers, I made my decision. I walked out the door with nothing but my keys and the clothes on my back to a very important decision that would forever change my life. I walked into the building, listened to the discussion, and signed the dotted line. It was done, in a matter of weeks I was set to leave my wife and my family behind. 


Where was I going? I was going to a desolate place. This was a place that was beautiful in some ways, yet was a place that had so many needs, yet so little resources to meet those needs. A place starved for attention, for care. A place where man, woman and child fought for their life nearly everyday. Basic needs not being met. While some was due to lack of understanding in how to meet those needs, others were simply a refusal to use the resources that was already there to meet those needs. I was preparing to enter a 3rd world country on the other side of the world.


In my line of business I hear many men and women share that this is what their home looks like. Attention craving men, women, and children desperately hoping for an ounce of hope. Both husband, wife, and child looking and grabbing for attention, often in harmful ways. I actually heard one husband say, ‘I would prefer be at work, rather than be at home with my wife and kids’. This makes my heart ache. Our home, which should be our safe place can often turn into a danger zone in which we have to constantly walk on egg shells so as to avoid the next huge argument. I am not any better than the next man. Our family has difficult times just like the next. Honestly, there are days I would rather be at work than at home.