28 Day Love Challenge: Day 19

28 Day Love Challenge- Day 19 .png

Face it, you are busy. Life is crazy with all kinds of things calling out for your attention. Your partner is also very busy with everything coming at them. Reality is that we tend to get selfish when life gets busy. It is time to put away some of the selfishness and put yourself in your partner’s shoes for a moment. Ask them if there is one small thing you can do to help them today. It might be picking something up from the store on the way home from work, helping out more around the house with a particular chore, or helping a bit more with the kids. Doing this one small thing will take a huge burden off your partner, let them know how important they are to you and you will reap the benefits later. Research points to the small things making a bigger impact in relationships as compared to the occasional big things done in the relationship.