28 Day Love Challenge: Day 20

day 20 .png

After a long day of work, I can get very tense. My wife may not be at a typical 9-5 job, but carrying the burden of the kids and other household errands can be surprisingly stressful as well. A good back rub helps reduce the tension in the back and relieve the stress from the day. You can get bonus points if you do the feet. Some of you might not like feet or have a weird foot fetish, or just be straight up ticklish and not like it. If you are not good at this or unsure, you can always find some good back rub or massage tips online. Guys, no strings attached. This does not have to always lead to something else (if you know what I mean). But well, who knows. If it happens, it happens. The key here is not to expect it. Your wife may actually feel closer to you and even be more accepting of it knowing there are no strings attached.