28 Day Love Challenge: Day 22

28 Day Love Challenge- Day 22 .png

Many arguments start due of tone of voice not necessarily your differences. Most of us can be guilty of jumping in or even interrupting our partner before they complete their thought. The goal of today’s challenge is to not say anything at all. Guys are especially guilty of this because we desperately want to fix things. We often have good intent, but our attempt to solve the problem for our partner sabotages the conversation. What most women want in the moment is for you to shut up and listen. While your partner is talking, your job is to listen for two things. Listen for the ‘message’ that they are trying to say as well as why this ‘message’ is so important. It boils down to these two things content and emotions. The best listeners do not share their perspective or attempt to fix it without first listening for the content of the message and the emotion behind it. This validates what your partner is trying to say.