28 Day Love Challenge: Day 28

28 Day Love Challenge- Day 28 .png

You made it! Congratulations! Hopefully you have picked up on a pretty major theme throughout this challenge. In order to make your relationship as strong as it can be, you have to  be focused on your partner. Look at their wants/needs, consider how you might be able to meet those needs. Today might possibly be the hardest of all challenges. I know you like to win, but today your challenge is to lose an argument. No matter how big or small of a deal it is, let your partner win this one. I am pretty sure your relationship is more important than anything you are facing. Lose this argument and win in your relationship. 


If you enjoyed this 28 Day Challenge, please help spread the word of Marriage Renewed. Each day we post blogs and other articles related to variety of marriage and family related issues.  Many of you have already shared some of the challenges this past month. I hope you enjoyed this challenge and are starting to see an improvement in your relationship. If not, we are here to help. We offer relationship coaching if you feel that may be a help. This is not counseling. Rather, our goal during these conversations is to look at your current relationship and discuss some proven skills that will help your relationship reach its potential. More often than not, in just a few conversations you will start to see an immediate difference. No matter how bad or great your relationship is, we all have room for improvement. Even my wife and I have room for growth. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.